Pythagorean Tree

This fractal was first drawn by Albert Bosman, a Dutch mathematics teacher.

It takes its name from the right-angled triangles between the generated squares, illustrating the Pythagorean theorem. The choice of the remaining angles determines the skewness of the tree.

The sketch runs on an Arduino Uno and draws the tree for 3 different angles on a 480×320 TFT display. The color of the squares depends on their size, trying to simulate trunks and leafs.

The algorithm uses backtracking, very similar to the maze generator & solver in my previous post. Recursion depth was limited to 10 levels deep, in order to prevent the smallest squares from becoming single pixels.

To speed up drawing, I use the display’s symmetry when the tree is generated from an isosceles triangle. The rest is just basic goniometry.

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