Internet Radio remote control

Several attempts to connect a display directly to the Esp32 Internet Radio made the radio unstable, so I decided to use a separate Esp8266 board for driving a 2.4″ TFT touch screen.

The result is a stand-alone unit that communicates with the radio’s Esp32 over WiFi, so it’s basically a removable display/remote control, with touch screen for sending commands and displaying radio station, song title and local time. It can be used instead of, or together with, the radio’s web interface.


  • Touch buttons for presets, volume, on/off and mute/unmute (toggling button texts)
  • Station name and song title centered on separate lines (updated every second)
  • Proper split of long lines
  • Correct handling of utf-8 characters
  • Displays local time

Note: Esp32-Radio is a project by Ed Smallenburg, available on Github.