Currently ‘lockdown-ed’ at sea level, my thoughts often wander to the majestic heights of my beloved Alps. After visiting one of those Alpine webcam sites, I wondered if I could turn my M5Stack Fire into a handheld Alpenpanorama. Or, to reverse Francis Bacon’s words: if you can’t go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to you…

This project was a bit more challenging than expected, as showing JPEG-encoded web images on a 320×240 TFT display requires extracting, decoding and resizing binary data from a chunked-encoded http response. After two days of bit-wrestling, here’s the result:

The time interval between images was reduced for this video. Music: “Schwärzen-Polka”

At startup, the program reads a list of 60+ webcam links from my web server. This enables me to change the displayed webcams without updating the software. Once running, the middle button pauses/resumes the loop, the left button removes the currently displayed webcam from the loop and the right button restores the original webcam list.

Because these live photo webcams refresh their pictures every 10 minutes, this gadget continuously gives me an up to date view of places where I would so much rather be….

P.S. I recommend not to use the official M5Stack library. In this project, decoding jpeg images with Bodmer’s fast JPEGDecoder library became more than 3 times faster after I replaced M5Stack (that has TFT_eSPI built in) with native TFT_eSPI. This could very well be caused by their library’s interrupt based button functions that are also notorious for causing WiFi crashes.