View·Master goes 360°

Working on a couple of new display techniques, I turned my Webcam·View·Master into this endlessly looping 360° Panorama viewer. The results were smoother than expected.


The video shows the Seiser Alm – Punta d’Oro “Panocam” on my M5Stack Fire. The sketch will run on any ESP32 board with PSRAM, and the TFT display can have any size, since the downloaded webcam footage will be resized to make its vertical dimension match the display’s shortest side (‘landscape mode’, which makes sense here 😉 )

Reason why I used the M5Stack (with a 2″ display) for this video was its photogenic quality, but the Dolomite landscape definitely looks much better on my 2.2″ TTGO T4 v1.3 display. Partly responsible for the video’s pale colors is also my smartphone’s camera.

Now that I finished the prototype, the next step will be to use the buttons for selecting other panorama webcams and for pausing the pan movement.